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February Artwork

Flowers bloom within, forever

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Artist: Mushpotaeto

Country: Philippines

Art type: Digital Art

Art Description/Short Message:

 Focus on his songs that's why I covered his face with flowers and also for people who cannot face him yet. More over the flowers on his head also symbolizes on how an amazing poet and artist he was. On his chest where the blooming flowers were placed as well means on that everything he did, we all know he poured so much heart into it. He was just that amazing person. He is just that flower that will forever bloom through his arts.

Artist Social Media: @mushpotaeto (Twitter)


Print: 4" x 6”
Card: 3.5" x 2"

Sticker: 3.30" x 2.17”

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POET_ARTIST jonghyun - Patricia M.3.png