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April Artwork

You've Worked Hard

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Artist: beorijimanon

Country: France

Art Type: Digital or Scanned Art

Art Description/Short Message:
"soft jonghyun with big pullover featuring a rose"  could have been the alternative title. Actually I really wanted to include a rose because I often use the metaphor behind it to cheer me up. Beautiful flower but at the same time it can be dangerous if you don't pay any attention, but once you go past the thorns, you can enjoy the smell the color the little details that makes life a bit  better ! I hope you will enjoy this drawing and I wish you the best - ♡

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Print: 4" x 6”
Card: 3.5" x 2"

Sticker: 3.30" x 2.17”

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youveworkedhard - Manon François.53.jpg