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September/October Artwork

I Hope Spring Has Reached You

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Artist: Faithangel_draws

Country: United States

Art Type: Digital Art

Art Description/Short Message:

Like the song Before Our Spring I hoped that by spring I’d be able properly greet Jonghyun. I wanted to see pictures, and hear his songs without feeling sad, but for months I couldn’t get through the music video without crying. I couldn’t heal in time for spring. But a couple of days ago, I watched it, and I just smiled. I’m still healing, but I finally felt ready enough to make this piece for him. Jonghyun, wherever you are, I hope spring has reached you, too.

Artist Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/faithangel_draws/


Print: 4" x 6”

Card: 3.5" x 2"

Sticker: 3.30" x 2.17”

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C0D50535-4C4F-4EB7-A8AB-E01BCE0FED8B - Faith Campbell.png