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March Artwork

Angel Jonghyun Moodboard

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Artist: Allie

Country: Australia

Art Type: Moodboard

Art Description/Short Message:

This is a moodboard I made for Jonghyun about a month after his passing. I felt this edit was needed my own way that I could say goodbye to him. I'm not sure of it's any good or if you'll like it but I thought that this should be my submission because I remember exactly how I felt making it and it has so much meaning to me. I hope this makes you smile or brings you a kind of comfort knowing that someone is hurting as well and that you're not alone.

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Print: 4" x 6”
Card: 3.5" x 2"

Sticker: 3.30" x 2.17”

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jonghyun angel moodboard - Allie Allie.36.jpg