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June/July Artwork

Shinin Bright Up In the Sky

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Artist: Sabiha Raisa

Country: Bangladesh

Art Type: Digital Art

Art Description/Short Message:

I am really happy and enthusiastic to be able to participate in the Blue Moon Project. After Jonghyun left us, I saw a lot of fans saying that he was now a star in the sky, watching over us from there. So I was inspired to draw a nightsky full of stars to represent Jonghyun and added the lyrics from his song 'Shinin''
I honestly miss Jonghyun so much and I wish he was happy and here with us today. You did well, Jonghyun

Artist Social Media:

Snapchat: sabiha4054


Print: 4" x 6”

Card: 3.5" x 2"

Sticker: 3.30" x 2.17”

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1527409845950 - Johnny's Parrot Impression.png